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Database Administrator & Monitoring

Superb DBA tool is an application created by summ-it. This tool allows you to automate database audit processes to make maintenance simpler, especially in compliance and security areas.
Superb DBA is a complex tool that aims to monitor and optimize your databases at the highest level.
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The application offers:

Work Faster

Value added

Automated Monitoring
Hands off monitoring verifies the most important database aspect. The more servers, jobs, schemas or replications monitored, the more time you will save.
Simple and Easy
No need for a learning curve if everything is simple and intuitive. Who said that advanced features cannot be easy to use?
Much more then Management Studio
Admins do manual work or write scripts that need to be tested in production environments. We took our experience, scripts and procedures and merged them into a single app that does it all.


What our customers think about SDBA?

A Complex Tool


Verifies if the current instance version is up to date
Raises awareness about databases that were not backed up in the last 48 hours (or a custom interval)
History data on the database growth
Highlights of important errors (level 16 or above)
Listing of jobs that finish with errors
General machine configuration check
General instance configuration check
General database configuration check
Verification of multiple best practices recommended by Microsoft
Sysadmin accounts list
Verification of whether the instance’s SA account is disabled
Listing of replication errors, publisher databases and publication and subscription statuses

Smart & Handy