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Scope: MS SQL Server 2008 – 2019.

Scope: Oracle 12c – 19c

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General configurations check

Verification of multiple best practices recommended by Microsoft
Presents size of transaction logs and verifies they are smaller than data
Verifies if instance jobs have failure emails set and if their owner is disabled
Provides information on index fragmentation and verifies whether instance indexes are not overly fragmented
Audits specific to the tempdb database, including its best practices and transaction log size
Verifies if the current instance version is up to date
Verifies whether SA account exists and if it is enabled
Lists all sysadmin accounts on the instance and informs you if they are enabled
Verifies if orphaned users exist and lists them
Lists all users with high privilege database roles
Listing of jobs that finish with errors
Highlights of important errors (level 16 or above)
Listing of replication errors, publisher databases and publication and subscription statuses
Lists occurences of repeated unsuccessful login attempts
DB Level
Raises awareness about databases that were not backed up in the last 48 hours (or a custom interval)
History data on the database growth
Presents data on fragmentation of indexes and raises warnings for high fragmentation values (above 15%)

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